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July 2008
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The subtle workings of the universe
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I think that most of us seem to go the day completely
unaware of the subtle and yet none of the less miraculous workings of the
universe that is a part of us and all around us each and everyday. There are
moments in my life when I am fully awake and I remember this very truth and
then…there are many more moments when I might as well be sleep walking. Just
doing what I have to do to get things done. The million and one things that we
all do because after all it just so darn important to…make sure that the house
is clean and the bills are paid and the laundry is done and the garden is
weeded and my hair is done and the house gets stained…..blah, blah, blah!

I received an email from Victor, an old friend with a huge
heart from a gym that Lulu and I used to go. She loved the playroom there and
she loved Victor! Victor and I both work out at the Y now and he emailed to ask
if I was going to be there on Friday, he had something for me…Victor loved Lulu
and was devastated by her death. He is very aware of the anniversary of her

 When I arrived Victor brought me out to his truck, he handed
me the most beautiful bunch of roses that he had grown in his garden. They were
a very deep red and looked like they were made of velvet. Victor told me how
unique these roses were.  A total of
eleven beautiful blossoms on one single stem, in all of his years (Victor is
70+), never had he seen so many blossoms a single rose stem!

I was so deeply moved and I placed the roses in a cranberry
vase in the center of our kitchen. Their beauty was so striking that they
caused me to pause on numerous occasions during the course of the day. In those
moments of pausing, of being awake, I began to understand the beauty of a
flower. What Ekhart Tolle was taking about in his new book “A New Earth” was
this very thing, that a flower was the first awakened plant on the earth.  He states in his book, “Seeing beauty in a
flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential
part of their own innermost being, their true nature.”

That bunch of roses woke me up, I became aware…Lulu already
knew this when she Decorated Daddy. Realizing this makes Lulu Decorates Daddy
all the more precious to me and I know that inside the pages of Lulu’s book is
the subtle and yet none of the less miraculous workings of the
universe…perfect, powerful and beautiful.

Btw… Lulu would have turned eleven just about the day that
Victor’s Rose bush decided to produce the eleven perfect blossoms that he gave
to me in honor of her.