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June 2008
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Saved by Lulu and a hairdryer!
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Posted by: Gretchan @ 8:47 pm

Each day, I wake up and do all of the things that most of us do. Shower, brush my teeth, dry my hair, grab a cup of coffee kiss the kids goodbye, make sure they have lunch money and homework, throw on my make-up, try on three outfits, look for my keys. It’s all rushed, a blur of things I have to do just to get out the of the door, let alone all of the things I have to do once the door is open and I enter the world. It is the gap fillers of the day. The inbetween things you have to get done so that you can get on to the things that really matter….or maybe it is the other way around…

If I really stop to think about it, there are two “things” in my  morning routine that slow me down enough…that fuel my soul and my passion.

#1 teeth brushing

Each morning while I am brushing, I look in the mirrror and then I always gaze over to Lulu’s picture hanging by the sink. I see her smiling back a me with her twinkling eyes. I can always guage where I am at in my life and how I am viewing my world by the conversations I have with her in my head…

on a good day it  goes like this…

“What are you up to Lulu?”

“You are up to something huge!”

“I can feel it!’

“What am I supposed to learn today?”

“Just show me the way my little cutie.”

on a bad day it goes  like this…

“I can’t do this all by myself!’

“Where are you?”

“Oh, just stand there and smile while I do all of the work!”

Then comes the hair drying. It takes place in Lulu’s room and it takes forever!!!! I curse my hair every morning! “Dry damn it dry!” I hung a poem about rainbow and hope on the wall. Each day I read the poem while drying…I begin to feel Lulu with me there as the hum of the dryer takes over all of the chatter in my head.  I look in the mirror and see my reflection with the backdrop of Lulu’s room. Her angel’s painted on the wall, her toys, I start to feel the hope that Lulu has given me, the passion to share her vision…her spirit becomes alive in me. I know that I have no choice but to continue to do what she would have me do. Give hope, scatter her joy and let the world know that a little angel graced this earth and she has important things to do and say.

“Dry damn it dry!”

 The first time that I met Maureen Hancock, a very gifted medium, she said to me, “Lulu’s got your hair!”, as in she’s got your back, she’s doing your hair.

I knew exactly what she meant.  She could not have said anything more profound… only Lulu and I know that chatter that goes on in my head and the joy that fills my heart…

…sometimes to change our view all we need is a clear moment, when our chatter stops if only for a second and  we can look in our mirror of life and see all that our past brings our moment of grace into the present and gives us hope for the future….

She’s got my hair alright!