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July 2008
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Coming out of the dark…
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Posted by: Gretchan @ 8:21 pm

Yesterday, July 14, 2008 was the 7th anniversary of Lulu’s birth in heaven…

I have to say it was one of the toughest grieving days that I have had in a very long time.
There are moments when I feel as though my heart will burst with love for this little angel girl. Her presence is powerful, real and strong. As intense as that love is and as much as I know down to the depths of my soul that Lulu’s life and her transcendence into heaven is all a part of a much greater plan, I still, after all of these years have what I call a very human moment. A moment when I forget that we are all spirits having a human experience, a moment when I totally forget and don’t care to remember that we are all much a part of a much bigger plan, that we all have a profound purpose and that God, Lulu, me, you and the entire universe are all connected in perfect syncronicity.

Who cares about all of that when your heart is broken…The bottom line, all that was left was raw pain… I prayed  and prayed for Lulu  to give me yet another moment, a single moment of grace where God and Lulu would show me once again what it all means(like they haven’t done enough) to give me the grace to change my view, to shed some light…
on my shattered self.

It came via internet on July 14, 2008( I guess spirit doesn’t care how they get it to you as long as they get to you!!!)

My girlfriend lost her little girl, Lucy, on May 22nd, 18 days
before her second birthday.  She choked on an apple.  My mom teaches “Lulu’s
Rose Colored Glasses” to her sixth graders every year and has them write a paper
on having a positive outlook.  She called the day she was teaching it, May 21,
and couldn’t believe that she was teaching that lesson the day they turned off
Lucy’s life support.  The resemblence and names were so alike, it was uncanny. 
I wanted to give the book to Lucy’s Mom and the article from Woman’s Day, to let
her know she’s not alone.  Thank you for doing what you do.  You have an
incredibly strong spirit and have touched the lives of so many by sharing your

That’s all I needed…. Lulu is working miracles and shining her brilliant light in the darkest of days….
I am full of gratitude!